Sunday, October 19, 2008

Proof that she's a drama queen

Our car ride home from church this afternoon was suddenly interrupted with loud, shrill, and tragic crying from the Banana. It sounded like somebody had seriously hurt her.

Me: Banana, what's the matter?

Banana: [Waaahhh!] Papaya say something to me!

Me: What did he say to you?

Banana: Adagio!!!! [Waaahhhh!]

Where DO our children pick up this kind of language?!


AppDaddy said...

That's OK, but I would draw the line at Al Dente!

Kim said...

Maybe this is a good alternative to pick up so my neighbors will never be shocked again through my open kitchen window (got kind of low with the dishwasher the other the day, I must admit). Adagio! would have passed muster; what I uttered (and then noticed that my window was wide open) did not. . .