Tuesday, February 28, 2006


We already have a family blog, but it's mostly for the purpose of publishing pictures for extended family and friends, and always takes a long time to update because of uploading all the pics (and because I get to it so seldomly, I always feel the need to compose a long, comprehensive entry). I wanted my own blog, where I could jot down random thoughts and funny things that happen to me or my family - a "real" blog! A place, for example, to record all the funny "papaya-ism's" created by my talkative 2-year old.

Such as this interaction:

Daddy: So, Papaya, why did we give you a time-out? (it was for something mundane, such as failing to come when called)
Papaya: Chasing the funny chickens.
Daddy: (looking at Mommy and trying hard not to laugh) Well, Papaya, that is reprehensible, but it's not why you got a time out. Let's try again...

For the record, I have no idea where that response came from.

The Papaya has recently begun changing the lyrics to songs he knows, often with funny (or embarassing) results. For example, "Stand up, stand up for Jesus", taught him by his grandmother, frequently becomes "Clean up, clean up for Jesus". However, perhaps the song that inspired the most unorthodox lyric-switching was one that goes, "Clap, clap clap your hands, clap along with me." I will often change this to fit the circumstances, for example: "brush, brush, brush your teeth...". A few weeks ago, during a diaper change, Papaya started spontaneously singing, "Touch, touch, touch the penis, touch along with me." I hope he doesn't take that one public!

Now that I've safely recorded those for all eternity, I will go attend to the Papaya who just woke up from his nap, alert for new blog-worthy moments.